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He is considered as the father of their nation by all these countries. George Speight, the leader of the coup in Fiji, is arrested. Saul of Benjamin Chosen King. Petrarc, an Itaian poet is considered as the, father of Humanism.

The first book printed in Europe with movable type appeared in the mids. First into space Russian Sputnik. French voters approve a referendum on shortening the Presidential term to five years. The new name of Constantinople is Istambul. The area where Mesopotamian civilisation existed belonged to modern Iraq.

Grand Cremlin Palace was the Residence of Czars. Augustus became the first Roman emperor. The government formed by Nepolean in France Rousseau was known as Consulate. He was assassinated by John Wilksbooth.

Arafat becomes President of Palestinian Authority. Pak conspirations attacked Indian Parliament in that led to the verge of a war. United States Library of Congress is the largest library in the world. The Rainbow Warrior, flagship of ecological group Greenpeace, sinks after explosion in Auckland. As per the peace treaty of the administrative authority of this place was given to Palestine National Authority.

Timelines of world history

Euthanasia or mercy killing comes into force in Netherlands. The Apostolic Ministry begins. Kingdom of England founded.

Now there is a trend in South America that several of its countries moving to the communist side of political ideology. The developmentof agriculture. Wall Street crash, the biggest financial crisis of the century.

Timelines of world history

9 History Timeline Templates Word PDF

Now Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekisthan. Each pie-shaped piece covers a century.

In he became the President of Pakistan. Dalai Lama, fleeing from Tibet reaches India and finds sanctuary.


History Timeline Templates -9 Free Word PDF Format Download

They were named so by Columbus. Noguchi isolates the virus of rabies.

Arms conference in Washington agrees to outlaw the use of gas in warfare. Christianity was responsibile for making the Barbarians a civilised people. Dorjei conquers the Everest without oxygen. It was the largest of the Egyptian statues.

Dennis Tito of the United States becomes the first person to tour the space. Bismark is known as the father of German integration and Helmet Kohl is known as father of German Unity. It is known as Long Parliament. Decree of election of Popes.

World History

Bible Timeline dates are based on King James Authorized and include new and old testament books. These Bible timeline charts can be printed off and joined together to form a linear Bible timeline. Time and events march on the timeline up to our current decade. Miss Asra Akin crowned as Miss World. Study Bible and World History together with this attractive, divlji konj pdf color-coded wall chart.


An e-mail virus I Love You created by a Filipino creates wide spread damage to computer systems across the world. He is considered as the Father of History.

The space shuttle Columbia perished in space. India won only one silver.

History Timeline Templates -9 Free Word PDF Format Download

American Museum of Natural History is the largest museum in the world. Catholicism set up by Justinian. For each key Bible person all the important details are right in front of you. The people of Rome revolted against their Etruscan rulers and established a republic.

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