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The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori

Discipline is reached always by indirect means. Enjoy these free resources just for you to help you bring Montessori principles into your home today.

Montessori's books because I wouldn't understand them because of her theories and technical language that she uses. Easy to read and digest, with photographs to further explain the concepts. Though I wonder if modern Montessory classes are adapting to the times lot of changes in years.

Her pedagogical approach is explained clearly and with a lot of information, for the passionate learner. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There are lots of aspects of it that shadow the positive parenting trend and make you look at conventional ways of teaching and raising in a new light. Montessori's is best explained by she herself. They take charge of their own learning and become accountable for their own knowledge.

Montessori did something completely new at her time, she experimented with a different type of instruction. Inspired, inspiring, careful and visionary. Open Preview See a Problem? Very well balanced and a good reminder to us all to slow down and enjoy.

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Interesting to see the formation of ideas that are almost universally accepted in western society now. Whether you're new to Montessori or a veteran, these Montessori Books for Parents will be ones you want to own. Self-correction and self-assessment are an integral part of the Montessori classroom approach. More practically, it is evidenced in her description of the roll of the teacher as facilitator and observer.

The language is wonderful. Ovviamente salvo violenze da interrompere. The ability to move which he acquires here will be of use to him all his life. Lots of compelling arguments here.

Maria Montessori writes with clarity and consistency from philosophical heights to practical application. The use of materials through the grades.

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So much has already been written about this book that I will limit this review to a few personal observations. It is a particular pleasure to read well written work from another era. From a collegiate perspective, we are now faced with two very different types of students. This website or its third-party tools use cookies which are necessary to its functioning and required to improve your experience.

The website gives useful information on the Montessori approach and there are beautiful Montessori materials available. In reality, he who is served is limited in his independence.

Highly Recommended Montessori Books for Parents

She traveled extensively in Europe, America, and the Near East, studying early education and testing her educational methods. There are more current pieces that give strategies and examples teachers may find helpful in the field, but this is a great starting point to the curricular approach. As a parent, I particularly enjoyed her holistic approach, humanistic ideal and, insistence on self-discipline and independence.

The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori. Mi sembr Ho scelto di rispolverare le mie nozioni molto basiche di Montessori e Steiner.

Why Choose Montessori Education

Books by Maria Montessori. As a book, while worth the read, it was a bit difficult to get through some of the early sections. There is a focus on orderly conduct and self reflection. He is an individual annihilated, not disciplined. Discipline should create independence thus creating individuality.

Why Choose Montessori Education

Thank you so much for your support! Anche se oggi non seguiamo troppo questa ideologia. Her passion is contagious and, considering her huge impact on today's educational systems in many countries, anyone with even a slight interest in education should read this. Overall, great read if you are interested in learning more about her philosophies.

Parents share thoughts on what makes Montessori education so special. Definitely revolutionary for it's time, and a must read for anyone serious about teaching, whether or not you use the full Montessori Method. Perhaps the Montessori Method offers parents some options, for the parents that care, water supply engineering by sk garg pdf free at least. The meat of the book is more thought provoking.

Highly Recommended Montessori Books for Parents

Even after years Maria Montessori's passion is palpable. This book is a bit too scientific for me, if not way too much.

Maria makes a strong case for teaching self discipline through self-directed activities - and I find the chapters on discipline to be the most interesting. Wooden toys are arranged in a linear order to reinforce if one piece is missing. Articulates the philosophy well.

Each of these books touched me in a profound way as a parent and as an educator. This is also scientific in nature as she is advocating for and demonstrating an observational experimental approach to early education, an evidence-based education. Some of her educational tools and materials. Everything we could need to know about Montessori and her beliefs. For more than a century, Montessori has been thriving around the globe, and contemporary research validates the effectiveness of the Montessori Method.

She writes of behaviours which are either good or evil and that language really bothers me. Are you hooked on Montessori yet? Finally, the ideas are made utterly practical in the description of didactic material and games.

Devo imparare e non essere serviti ed imboccati ad ogni passo. It is common to see students of different ages working together. Very accessible and very practical.

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The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori