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He does on the purpose to preserve the existential meaning of life where he never finds out from his life in basis. It never surpasses to the condemned convict. The area has gone through a draught, but recently a blizzard has passed through, leaving everything covered in snow. There is talk of a forthcoming revolt.

Daru feeds the Arab and spends the night sleeping in the same room as the prisoner. The gendarme is insulted by Daru's stubborn refusal, and leaves in anger.

There is a neatly incised dichotomy between individualism and collectivism. The prisoner has to decide between freedom and jail. You will be caught in the crossfire in the most absurd and ironic ways. In wartime people do all kinds of jobs.

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He points him in the direction of imprisonment, and then also points him in the direction away from police headquarters, where he will find shelter with the native people. This has kept away Daru's pupils. Le traitement choisi par l'auteur est remarquable.

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The Guest by Albert Camus

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Am I happy or miserable because of things that have been already decided?

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This story just goes to show, what we give to the world, is not always returned to us. In this vast landscape he had loved so much, he was alone. Absolute loneliness of a man and absurdity of most of the situations are key actors again. La solitude en est encore plus oppressante.

Actually, many times, since I was a catechist at my church. And you will deliver this fellow to Tinguit. Je la recommande donc vivement.

He is expected at police headquarters. If everything has been seen by this omniscient God, is there something left for me to choose? Why didn't I get a memo or something, just to check before? Daru is entrusted with a prisoner that he is told is a murderer.

The old gendarme, Balducci by name, a man Daru has known for a long time, tells Daru how it is with him and the Arab. Existence and nothingness. He murdered someone and he was guilty of it, so he don't want to hold the burden of the murder.

They walked an hour more, descending toward the south. Le prisonnier n'est pas sympathique.

The guest albert camus pdf

We are thrown to the world, alone. Anyway, Camus wins over my dubiousness with his simply story-telling and the most realistic human nature in characters. Camus employs this short tale to reflect upon issues raised by the political situation in French North Africa. War will never leave you peacefully non-aligned. Surprisingly, I find this short story optimistic, but isn't it why The Guest is a masterpiece?

The conflict is that he doesn't want to take make a choice. He was a stylist of great purity and intense concentration and rationality. But the orders exist and they concern you too.

Surprisingly, I Classic work in the library of the existentialism. Although no one can claim to know the mind of a writer, observing his other works can help us omit any shallow analysis.

Albert Camus was a representative of non-metropolitan French literature. But Camus would have disagreed with me, obliviously. His moral is a candle in the wind, like King Arthur's. Facing its absurdity, alone.

They reached a level height made up of crumbly rocks. There is unrest and the French, except for Daru, are mobilizing.

He watches them climb the hill. It is the way of the universe.

Why did Balducci chose to follow orders with no consequences? It does not matter how good you are at heart, there is no Karma. His austere search for moral order found its aesthetic correlative in the classicism of his art. The question comes up again when Daru and the prisoner are alone and have shared a meal, i. This story set in French-occupied Algeria is about the choice to make no choice as I see it.

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The Guest Summary

His presence is his absence, including his heroic action. He refuses to play a role when he doesn't want to, even if it cost him his life. At the end of the story arab chose the path that lead him to the prison because he surrenderd. His choice given to the Arab is based on his general shallow idea that he is doing the right thing, but turns out it is substantially and nobly in vain.