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Selsyn (Synchro) Motors

Convert to X and Y coordinates. The bearing angle shaft is coupled to the resolver shaft. Different makes of selsyns, used in interlock systems, have different output voltages.

Hence, there will be no current flow in the two stator windings and so no torque will be produced and the system will achieve equilibrium. The secondary is somewhat like a spool wound with magnet wire, the axis of the spool concentric with the rotor's axis.

Synchro Transmitter and Receiver

Selsyn (Synchro) Motors

Electronics Textbook

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For example, a synchro transmitter coupled to a radar antenna indicates antenna position on an indicator in a control room. They have three-lead rotors and stators like the stator described above, and can be transmitters or receivers. The receiver shaft electrically slaves to the transmitter shaft. There are synchro-like devices called transolvers, somewhat like differential synchros, but with three-lead rotors and four-lead stators.

Selsyn (Synchro) Motors

For example, a black-box within a radar encodes the distance to a target as a sine wave proportional voltage V, with the bearing angle as a shaft angle. More Products in Instrumentation and Control.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As shown, the stator windings of the two synchros are connected together and their rotors are connected to the same single-phase ac supply. Locating Problems in the Series Field. Its rotor is wound with more turns than a transmitter or receiver to make it more sensitive at detecting a null as it is rotated, typically, by a servo system.

The single rotor winding of a torque transmitter or receiver is brought out by brushed slip rings. If these windings are connected to a common starting resistance, the two rotors will remain synchronized during starting.

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Schematic of a synchro transducer. Synchro systems were first used in the control system of the Panama Canal in the early s to transmit lock gate and valve stem positions, and water levels, to the control desks. However, solarcity ppa pdf there is a substantial synchronizing torque. The safest approach is to bus the five or six lines from transmitters and receivers at a common point. Either the transmitter or receiver shaft may be rotated to turn the opposite unit.

The Cartesian coordinates X, Y may be plotted on a map display. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The rotary version of the inductosyn has a finer resolution than a resolver.

Ordinarily, slip rings and brushes connect the rotor to external power. For high accuracy in gun fire control and aerospace work, so called multi-speed synchro data links were used. Hence, necessary torque will be produced which will turn the C R rotor through an angle corresponding to that of the C T rotor. We will consider these applications one by one. Please check your mails regularly.

When it measures a minimum or null, the servo has driven the antenna and control transformer rotor to the commanded position. Should one rotor be displaced from the other, the stator phase voltages will differ between transmitter and receiver. Large synchros were used on naval warships, such as destroyers, to operate the steering gear from the wheel on the bridge. Starting wound rotor induction motors from common resistors The rotors may be stationary. Quite often, one system will perform both torque and control functions.

Special machines Applications of Synchros

So called multispeed synchros have stators with many poles, so that their output voltages go through several cycles for one physical revolution. In its general physical construction, it is much like an electric motor.

They are not intended to be self-rotating. However, they can be controlled to some extent by varying the voltage to one phase with the line voltage on the other phase. For two-speed systems, these do not require gearing between the shafts. Single and three-phase units are common in use, and will follow the other's rotation when connected properly. The holes in those end pieces align with the rotating secondary poles.

Special machines Applications of Synchros

Differential synchros are another category. The rotors may be stationary. Since the rotors are not shorted out nor resistor loaded, no starting torque is developed.

Scientech Synchro Transmitter and Receiver helps the users to gain invaluable knowledge about the working principal and operation of Synchro motors. Although a pair of resolvers could theoretically operate like a pair of synchros, resolvers are used for computation. Categories Home Appliance Repair Uncategorized. The higher the resistance during starting, the higher the synchronizing torque for a pair of motors. Cleantech Solutions Solar Products.