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Then start by gathering up two rows. Unwind it from the pins and pull or cut it away, so that only your embroidery stitching is left. Gather the second row in the same way, taking care to make sure each gather is the same size as the gathers in the first row.

Bring your needle up through the first dot. Bring your needle up through the second dot in the second row.

Makes me want to try this out immediately. Move the needle back to the second gather and pass it under the dot where the thread is coming out. Your diagrams and methods helped me recall. This was great, thank you. Choose embroidery floss in a matching or contrasting color.

Sewing 101 Smocking

Hold the gathers in place by securing the end of the thread around a pin or tying off the end with a knot. Make a small stitch under the first dot.

Your needle and thread should finish under the fabric. Your needle should finish under the fabric.

The next stitch is called the wave. The dots may be spaced close together or far apart, depending on how many pleats you want to make. My aunt made many beautiful patterns on our dresses back in the early Fifties. You'll need to take this into account when cutting fabric for the pattern you're using.

Stitch the second and third gather in the second row, finishing with your needle under the fabric. The grid may be square or rectangular. All you need is a ruler, pencil, thread and needle. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Stitch the first gather to the second gather.

The thread you initially used to pull the gathers is no longer necessary. It's time to use that colorful embroidery thread you picked out to create a smocked pattern. Article Summary X To do smocking, start by making a grid on a piece of fabric using small, evenly-spaced dots.

Did this article help you? Then leave a long thread at the end of the row.

You can make as many dots as you like and have them closer of further away. You will be making a grid. Get some thread and a needle. Working two rows at a time, use the same process to stitch the gathers in the remaining rows with your embroidery thread. Follow the honeycomb pattern to finish stitching the first two rows.

Smocking techniques pdfSewing Smocking - Shwin and Shwin

Thinner fabric means you can put more pleats, while thicker fabrics allow fewer pleats. Great for bodices, yokes, sleeves, pockets. The lines of dots should line up with the grain of the fabric.

Clicking on affiliate links and purchasing a product will earn a small commission for me and no extra cost for you, I appreciate the support. Where one thread has been torn loose, it's too easy for another to do it. Stitch the first and second gather in the first row, finishing with your needle under the fabric. Keep repeating until you get done with all the holes. Cookies make wikiHow better.

Pull the end of the thread from the first stitched row gently, so that the fabric is folded into small, even gathers. This was a great article, and took some of the mystery out of smocking. This time shown by creating a knot. Be sure your dots are placed in straight lines across the fabric - otherwise your smocking will turn out crooked. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Smocking techniques pdf

Press if you like and there you have some smocking. Continue smocking the remaining rows. This placeholder thread will be trimmed away, so it doesn't matter what kind you use. Move your needle to the third gather. Then start by coming up through hole number one.

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For this reason, use a smocking pattern and take gauge into account. If you use a pleather, place your smocking dots farther apart, cisco router configuration pdf tutorial both horizontally and vertically.

Look for smocking patterns in your local sewing store. Help answer questions Learn more. Insert it on the right side of the dot and pass it underneath so that the needle comes through on the left side. You can see the needle goes through hole two and hole one under where the thread is coming out.

So go ahead and give smocking a try! Use a fabric pen or a pencil to draw a grid of evenly-spaced dots covering the area that you want to smock. This blog contains affiliate links. There are millions of ways to manipulate fabric. Pull the thread through, then cross it over the stitch you made and pass the needle back through the third gather to cinch the gathers.

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Nothing fancy here, no machines, no fancy tools. We will start by gathering up the rows of dots. Pass the needle through the fabric from one side of the first dot, under the dot to the other side.