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Lift the tank clear of the robot and place the tank on a at surface. Slowly ll the remainder of the Clean tank with warm or cold tap water. Enables Scooba to efciently clean a large area. Tilt the tank and ensure it is.

Push each wheel up and down, place the robot back on the oor and press Clean. Enables Scooba to clean the room perimeter and. Scooba will begin a cleaning cycle. With the tabs inserted, push down on the battery and listen for a click as the battery clicks into place. Shipping and handling not included.

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Scooba Essential Maintenance To keep Scooba running at peak performance, perform the following maintenance tasks after every cleaning cycle. Enables Scooba to clean new areas while crisscrossing the room. Charge Scoobas battery by plugging the charger into wall and connecting the charger to Scooba lift charging jack cover.

For best performance, iRobot recommends charging Scooba's battery overnight the first time only. Clean with a damp cloth only.

Place battery in Scooba by rotating the battery into its slot, making sure the tabs fit inside the guide holes. Then lift the battery up and out of Scooba.

Before you get started Charge scooba s battery fill scooba s tank

Always exercise caution when operating your Scooba. The tank is not properly secured Conrm battery, lter and vacuum port are properly installed. Empty and rinse the Clean tank thoroughly. Refer all non-routine servicing to iRobot. To install the battery, rst align the two battery tabs with Scoobas guide holes.

Make sure Scooba was not recently lled with water or charged in a hot place. Scooba frees you to manage other household tasks while it cleans, so you can wash your hard oors more frequently and get more done. Immunity - Product family standard. Place battery in Scooba by rotating the battery into its slot, making sure the tabs t inside the guide holes. Scoobas Cleaning System Scooba uses four cleaning stages in every pass.

IRobot Scooba 390 User Manual

IRobot Scooba 5900 Owner s Manual

Looking after your iRobot Scooba For best results, use it often! For best performance, iRobot recommends charging Scooba's battery overnight the rst time only. Use the Virtual Wall to block doorways or to keep Scooba away from cords. Virtual Walls will automatically shut themselves off at the end of a cleaning cycle, or they can be manually shut off by pressing their power button. Observe all warnings on Scooba, battery, code happy pdf charger and in owners manual.

Product may not be used with any type of power converter. Retain the safety and operating instructions for future reference. You also can use Scooba with plain tap water. Store and operate Scooba in room temperature environments only. Spin the wheel by hand, the wheel should offer some resistance.

For a shorter cleaning cycle, put less water in the tank. Ensure the tank is completely closed. Scoobas brush is located inside a cartridge called the cleaning head.

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Don't see a manual you are looking for? Particular requirements for vacuum cleaners and water-suction cleaning appliances. Open the Dirty and Clean tanks and drain.

Do not use this robot to pick up anything that is burning or smoking. Rinse the Dirty and Clean tanks with warm water.

Use only the charger supplied by the manufacturer to charge this device. Before using this robot, pick up objects such as clothing, loose papers, pull cords for blinds and curtains, power cords and any fragile objects. Clean the bottom and top of Scooba with a damp cloth only. General dust, dirt and grime are what its there for, but avoid large liquid spills.

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Do not use this robot to pick up spills of bleach, paint, or other chemicals. Sco oba to charge the bat ter y. Scooba contains electronic components that can be C damaged by spills of water or other liquids. Scooba frees you to manage other household tasks while it cleans, so you can wash your hard floors more frequently and get more done. Do not use a charger with a damaged cord or plug.

Scooba Manual and QSG

Particular requirements for battery chargers. Fill the clean tank with water and optional Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner. Secure the tank cap and place the tank back in the tank holder. Scooba has several warning lights that tell you if the robot needs assistance. If it does not, or if it's stuck Left wheel malfunction and you can't dislodge the obstruction, contact iRobot customer care.

Refer to the table below to resolve Scoobas problem. Inspect Scoobas drive wheels. Empty and rinse both tanks after every cleaning cycle. The cliff sensors are located in the bumper and are accessed by turning Scooba over.

Clean With Scooba With the Clean tank lled and properly installed, place Scooba in the center of the room, press Power and then press Clean. How to get started Charge Scooba Pick Scooba up by the handle and set it down on a at surface. Insert the battery by aligning guide tabs and click it into place.

Battery and Charging Scooba is powered by a rechargeable battery and should be fully charged before each cleaning cycle. What it Means Battery discharged Battery charging Battery fully charged Battery not installed Cleaning Internal drying mode The cleaning cycle is complete. Spin the wheels by hand and conrm that they offer some resistance. Plug the Pow e r Supply i nto. Troubleshooting Inspect the left wheel.

We look forward to bringing you more groundbreaking products that will change and improve your world. The clean tank is empty Empty the tank and ll partially with warm water. First, sweep up large debris and then place Scooba in the middle of the room.