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We have decided to go with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign this time, which we will launch next week. Looking to meet some locals and experience the off beat places. To keep to this promise our merchandise supplier has played around with the colours and come up with something New and Fresh which we hope you will like. We ask you to video tape yourself playing these songs, add it to your youtube page and send us the link by myspace. Are the places you post about usually Eastern Asian chinese friendly?


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Clubs in Berlin

In January there will be lots of cool parties and even some give-away tickets. The new Magdalena is also an option because they have an incredible sound-system since they have reopened. Although their are still some shows to add we wanted to let you know all confirmed shows so far. If we receive any further information about tickets we will add this to the listing on the gig page.

Here we go, here we go, here we goo, hooo. Maybe you could try the Matrix-Club? Just as well really, single as a tentative release date is October of this year and whilst that seems a long way off there is so much to be done.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The actual release of the new album still might take a while, but stay tuned for more updates of the recordings. It really was a magnificent gig with a great audience who were fired up to see the Tygers. If you liked the Watergate, you might also like Club de Visionaire.

We are expecting delivery around August time. Hi Tomasz, single party dortmund heute Most clubs are open on sundays. You can find us on the special artist page. The only small problem could be that it not easy to get into the Berghain these days.

As ever, if you come to a gig come see the band afterwards, they always make time to meet people. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The expanded family of Lotus Sin and Gen are doing great! Hopefully we will see you guys next year at one of our shows, when we will start touring. Otherwise it is a clubbers paradise with multiple floors, at least five bars and bonfires outside on cold nights.

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Just select Berlin and the date and you will see what is going on. More news will follow soon. We are currently talking to a company who can produce some unusual items that would be great stocking fillers for Christmas.

The album will be released in the autumn on Mighty Music and once again will be mixed by Soren Andersen. Unfortunately I have not been able to find and events where Stefan Biniak will be playing. Due to the vast increase in costs for the printing of merchandise we have again tried to keep costs down by printing a one sided shirt. Without speaking German, you should come out to the bars with us and we will pay you and buy you drinks to navigate us around on Saturday night?


  • We recently recorded a new music video.
  • Include Drummer audition and Bassist audition in the subject.
  • Fortunately this month also offers you some solid line-ups in the clubs in Berlin and the fact that many clubs also have an outside-area gives you another argument to visit these parties.
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There's plenty of seating and tables around but the club is so popular that you'd be hard pressed to get a chair unless you're quite early or staying quite late. It all depends on what kind of music you want to hear. The video will be released soon.

Next year is going to be a monster with gigs all over Europe and a new single to be released. When can we expect a party calendar for January? The winners will be published on social Media on the day of the actual party. Hi Kosala, the parties do not get scheduled that far in advance but we will update our party-calendar every month. His music fits in the category Techhouse and I personally really like his sound.

As mentioned before, Berlin never really sleeps. But as a new berliner I am open to party in a fun more electro envirnoment, any recommendations? Hi Mariana, Great that you will be coming to Berlin. The second single will be released soon. Bush Petronia and a single.

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Hedonistic Parties

We know your reputation and want to experience that craziness you are well known for. Hi Collibault, Yes, I am writing a similar post every month. By the end of June, summer is here and springtime is gone forever. So really they should be taking some time off.

This journal entry is sponsored by insomnia, sleep apnea, and obligation. The Memorial has been undergoing extension work in recent years, the full completion of which is intended for. There will probably be some good parties listed in there. Some great bar suggestions?

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Hi Scott, define single malt I do not know yet what would be the best places to go in June. We have a surprise for you coming up. The line-up is now coming together so check out both websites for more details.

Although the illness is far from Life threatening he is in extreme discomfort. Stay tuned for more family news, because there's another bun in the oven! It all depends on your taste of music. Great article, really helpfull.

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  1. It will be published after the last weekend in June.
  2. For those who do not know the venue, its just around the corner from the Leeds City College on the edge of the City Centre.
  3. It is easier to get in and they have three different floors so you will probably find some music you like.

Tickets are now on sale and available via a number of outlets and websites. To see some videos and photos from the studio just boogie on over to our Facebook page. To say we were blown away with the work is an understatement and we hope you like it too. Cant wait to check out the nightlife.

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Individual thought patterns V. We agreed it would be a temporary commitment since none of us wanted to make any hasty decisions. As mentioned, alte the Wilden Renate is a popular place so it is best to arrive kind of sober and not with a very large group. We very much hope we can get back to Germany later in the year to play for you guys.

Keep checking our website and our facebook because updates and behind the scenes videos and photo's will be added over the next couple of weeks. Both of them will continue playing in other musical projects. Brian totally understood this need which lead to him making the decision. There will also be a selection of new merchandise on sale at our usual reasonable prices. So it never as simple as just turning up and playing.

Famous Berlin based club K17 closes

If you need specific help you can always send me a message via the Contact-Form! Keep an eye on Facebook page for updates and check out the merchandise page where we will soon have some new items including embroidered patches, a printed back patch and a sleeveless work shirt. Today is the one year anniversary of our latest album Carnival of No Tomorrow. The shirts sold out in three weeks which had a similar run number so make sure you get in there quickly. So far they are very positive.

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