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Negative effects are further divided into direct and indirect effects. Gasohol is common fuel in Brazil and Zimbabwe for running cars and buses. This disturbs the soil and makes it susceptible to erosion.

Introduction to Environmental Finance. Introduction to Environmental Studies.

This disease affects the infants to the maximum extent causing even death. Palaeobotany has been fundamental to understand the changing climate of the past. Impacts of overgrazing and agriculture. The algal species quickly complete their life cycle and die thereby adding a lot of dead matter. As with pollen and other minute plant remains, when we understand the make-up and profile of certain plants, plant evidence can tell us quite a lot.

When there is uniform removal of a thin layer of soil from a large surface area, it is called sheet erosion. There are two types of agents which cause soil erosion. Clear knowledge in control of drought and desertification can be very useful for dealing with the problem. The wind speed is substantially reduced which helps in preventing wind erosion of soil. He presently lives in southwest England.

In Punjab and Haryana, extensive areas have become water-logged due to adequate canal water supply or tube-well water. In traditional method the soil is broken up and smoothed to make a planting surface. Solar heat collectors, solar cells, solar cooker, solar water heater, solar furnace and solar power plant are some important solar energy harvesting devices. Botany today is such a large and varied area and has many important uses in a wide variety of disciplines, that it has evolved several niches and offshoots. Many countries are engaged in bitter rivalries over this precious resource.

Hydro power does not cause any pollution. Mining operation requires removal of vegetation along with underlying soil mantle and overlying rock masses. When the trees are cut, the soil is subject to erosion by heavy rains, winds and sun.

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Introduction to Environmental Science

The energy harnessed from hot rocks present inside the earth is called geothermal energy. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

Oxides of sulphur, arsenic, cadmium and lead etc. Moreover it is non-polluting and can be easily produced. State Core Gen Ed Humanities. Not only were researchers interested in the science, but average people were starting to enjoy plants in themselves rather than purely for functional reasons. The main green house gas carbondioxide is absorbed by the forests as a raw material for photo synthesis.

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Environment is sum total of water, air, and land, inter-relationships among themselves and also with the human beings, other living organisms and property. Popular in Eutrophication. The soil roots are very good binders of soil. The blades of turbine located at the bottom of the dam move with the fast moving water which in turn rotates the generator and produces electricity.

Introduction to Botany

This practice is knows as contour farming. Ocean tides produced by gravitational forces of sun and moon contain enormous amounts of energy. These areas are not able to recover and are losing their fertility.

Students develop an understanding of the best use of our natural resources for their social and economic benefits while protecting associated resource values, property rights and the environment. This major is for students who desire education in environmental management with substantial emphasis on agriculture and natural resources. This degree provides a solid grounding in the areas of hydrology, soil science, pest management, water resources, and agricultural ecology.


Many of the top universities have botany degrees, but there has been a decline in recent years of students taking botany in favour of other environmental and natural sciences. Plant studies will also form part of most biology undergraduate degrees but when moving onto post-graduate study, time base circuits pdf this becomes increasingly specialised.

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Botany The Original Natural Science

Are you sure you want to Yes No. The above definition given in Environment Act, clearly indicates that environment includes all the physical and biological surroundings and their interactions. An ongoing research problem for plant pathologists is how to tackle the many diseases that threaten bananas. Palaeobotany is also shedding light on the nature and the extent of plant species during the Ice Age.

Methanol is very useful since it burns at a lower temperature than gasoline or diesel. Show related SlideShares at end.

Introduction to Public Speaking Critical Tracking. Scope Scope of environmental science is broad.

It is the nuclear reaction in which heavy isotopes are split into lighter nuclei on bombardment by neutrons. Floods, landslides become more prevalent in such areas. Crude petroleum is a complex mixture of alkane hydrocarbons.

Many insecticides not only kill the target species but also several non-target species that are useful to us. This is mainly caused by man made activities and the rate of erosion is much faster than the rate of formation of soil.