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The TPS concept

One of the real strengths of Global Shop Solutions is that it makes our financial status easily visible at any time. The system stresses the value of teamwork, and is based on an underlying philosophy that everyone, in every position, adds value.

We're very, very lean as a company, and we're lean because of Global Shop Solutions. Global Shop Solutions lets you step out of the traditional box and give all these functions to one person. Machines and robots do not think for themselves or evolve on their own. The Business Research Store.

Complete the form below to be contacted. It's easy to use, easy to customize, and it offers great support - both online and on the phone. It provides quick access to the data we need to make smart business decisions.

The best thing about Global Shop Solutions is that we now have all the information in one integrated database. Global Shop Solutions keeps us from promising things we can't do. We saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of labor time with Global Shop Solutions by not having to shut down for two whole weeks while we count inventory. Ray Surprenant Owner Davico Manufacturing. True manufacturing excellence is impossible without real-time visibility into your entire supply chain.

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The principals are interrelated and implemented as a complete system. Having one integrated system eliminates the time and effort required to retrieve information located in different areas of the company. Ready to Learn More or See a Demo?

Global Shop Solutions

With Global Shop Solutions, we can now measure results properly in every area of the business, and have more confidence in the accuracy of those results. We chose Global Shop Solutions for a lot of reasons, but mainly for its superb inventory control and job costing capabilities. Bill Staber President Staber Industries. Managing our costs, along with our fast lead times, puts us ahead of the pack in our industry. With Global Shop Solutions, I know exactly what my costs are, where my margins come from, and where I need to improve.

Ashish Pate Director of Operations A. Global Shop Solutions allows me to manage my business from anywhere. From order entry and scheduling to the general ledger, business intelligence and sales analysis, we use every module in Global Shop Solutions. Global Shop Solutions is a real time saver because we no longer have to rely on a person to remember where all the parts are in the warehouse.

With Global Shop Solutions, move tickets are faster and more accurate than the traditional bar-coded work order. Workers are organized into small teams trained and empowered to run their areas and are dedicated to problem solving and continuous improvement. The traditional role of supervisor changes to be more of coach or teacher, and leaders receive an intensive training program in both lean manufacturing and people skills. The best part is having complete visibility of what's happening on the shop floor in real time. The software is easy to operate.

The improved ability to dispatch work orders and control material flow has made a huge impact on our job costing and our overall efficiency. With Global Shop Solutions, we now have it.


Waste can manifest as excess inventory, extraneous processing steps, and defective products, among other instances. No matter what you're looking for, you can get your answer with one click of the mouse. The elaborate reporting functionality lets us view our data from many different angles, allowing us to make truly informed decisions in real time.


Guiding Principles at Toyota. What I like best about Global Shop Solutions is their relentless customer focus.

Only then is the jidoka mechanism incorporated into actual production lines. Global Shop Solutions enables us to be more proactive because we know we're not going to run out of materials. Global Shop Solutions gives us a much better feel for capacity planning to help allocate our people and resources. Global Shop Solutions is a one-stop shop for anything you need to do in a small manufacturing business.

In other words, craftsmanship is achieved by learning the basic principles of manufacturing through manual work, then applying them on the factory floor to steadily make improvements. We chose Global Shop Solutions because it gave us everything we were looking for, kreisler liebesleid pdf all wrapped up into one integrated system.

With Global Shop Solutions, we can easily track jobs from beginning to end because everyone has access to the same data. That's one of the real benefits of Global Shop Solutions - it does a lot of the mundane stuff so people can work on higher value tasks. Tilo Industries is a family-owned business located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. With Global Shop Solutions, we know exactly what we have in inventory and how long we can keep it there.

Goodman Manufacturing Company, L. We know exactly what's going on in the shop floor at any given time, which allows us to make better management decisions. We will use these initiatives and develop our human resources to make ever-better cars that will be cherished by customers. With Global Shop Solutions, we can see the bottom line costs of jobs as soon as they're finished.

Global Shop Solutions gives us more confidence in the accuracy of the numbers. Compared to what we put into Global Shop Solutions, we get a ten-fold return. We can trace every material from the time it comes in the back door to the time it goes out in a finished product with remarkable precision. Steven Hodgson Division Controller Mestex. With Global Shop Solutions, we can track costs in real time, so that as soon as a job ships we know how much it cost.

Leading vendors in the market are included based on profile, business performance etc. On the operational side of business, Global Shop Solutions allows us to sell more and grow the business without hiring more people. The work done by hand in this process is the bedrock of engineering skill.

The TPS concept

We use cookies to operate this website and to improve its usability. This cycle of improvement in both human skills and technologies is the essence of Toyota's jidoka. It's flexible, easy to customize, and you can make it do just about anything you want.

Andy Adams President ConveyMor. It's all handled within Global Shop Solutions. Global Shop Solutions has helped Calnetix become the business we are today because of its ease of use and flexibility.

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