Fujitsu Fi 7160 Scan To Pdf

Main automated functions

Very glad to hear that it works for you. See Introduction the graph below.

Shows the scanner information. Scanning Does Not Start The scanner is operating correctly.

Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by. Scanner Location Overview The location of the label is shown below. Scanner Overview Select a scanner.

You should contact Fujitsu technical support. Disable Scanner Detection detection. The ScanSnap software does not work on the fi series and vice versa. Scanner Overview Are you using the Carrier Sheet? If the problem still screen.

Consumable counters Overview sheet counter consumables and the total page count. Index Place the document face-down to align its top left-hand corner with the reference point. Get the help and guidance you need from experienced professionals who care.

Scan the document with the image scanning application. Ask your question anytime, anywhere, with no hassle. Otherwise, the Cleaning Paper may be fed skewed. Documents Explains about the setting items in the Thank you for purchasing our image scanner.


Documents Document cover with a black document pad is also available as an option. The Carrier Sheet should be replaced approximately every scans. Introduction Scan the document with the image scanning application.

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The following picture shows how to set the widest and the narrowest Index documents of the batch between the side guides. Switches off when the scanner enters power saving mode. Index Introduction Do the documents meet the requirements described in Use documents that meet the requirements.


ScanSnap Manager for fi Series

Lift up the stacker towards you. Increases the sensitivity level to detect warped documents or paper jam noise. Introduction scanned by long page scanning. This setting can also be configured in the Scanner operator panel. Overview Select whether to enable or disable vertical streak detection.

Index Insert the protrusion on the shaft into the slot. If the ejected documents are not stacked neatly, adjust the position Introduction of the stopper so that the space for the ejected documents can be longer than the document length. The Settings Menu can be used to configure various How to Load operational settings upon scanning. Scanner Overview Open the document cover. In the scan setup, there is an option to save scanned doc as pdf.

Scan to .PDF - Fujitsu

This manual explains about the basic operations and handling of the scanner. When scanning in grayscale or color, the scanned image may not become sharp and clear. Overview Using the chute extensions will keep the documents straight and feed them smoothly. Solutions Learn More Through Courses.

Includes the package weight. Names and Functions Scanner Overview Indicates the status of the scanner. Secure the Carrier Sheet with the side guides to avoid skewing. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Enjoy your complimentary solution view. Introduction back side images.

Introduction The following manuals are included for this product. Index Clear the password in the following procedure. Introduction Do not look directly into the light source.

Up to How to Load devices can be connected by this interface. How to Load Documents Do not use aerosol spray or spray that contains alcohol. It's more than this solution. None Does not detect multifeed. However, control-m documentation pdf replace it if damage or dirt is noticeable.