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This ratio explains whether the firm has raised adequate long-term funds to meet its fixed assets requirements. There is also one android application launched recently which provides all accounting entries, definitions, accounting updates. In this method, revenue is compared with the expenditures, at the time in which the transaction happens rather than when the payment is made. Accrued income means income which has been earned by the business during the accounting year but which has not yet been due and, therefore, has not been received. Did you make use of accounting programs at your previous jobs or prefer to work manually?

When weights are also applied in the computation it is termed as weight average cost. The banks also provided overdraft. The time value of money means that worth of a rupee received today is different from the worth of a rupee to be received in future.

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It's been highly informative and a boon for all those who wants to gain a basic insight on accounting. In other words, health pdf file it is the basic cost levied on the company to run a business process that is outstanding.

An expense which has been incurred in an accounting period but for which no enforceable claim has become due in what period against the enterprises. Public accounting proffers audits and Certified Public Accountants to re-evaluate company financial standings to establish accountability. You also find all interview questions at link at the end of this post. Top Behavioral interview questions with answers. You need to be prepared for the full spectrum of questions that may be presented.

It ensures reliability and relevance in financial statements. It contains all accounts of the business enterprise whether real, nominal, personal. Debenture is a certificate issued by a company under its seal acknowledging a debt due by it to its holder. What goals do you have in your career? An option gives the holder of the option the right to do something.

The left-over or residual value is the actual value that any asset has at the end of its estimated life time. In other words arbitrage is a way of reducing risk of loss caused by price fluctuations of securities held in a portfolio. Those shares which are not having pref. We know that accounting is all about assets, liabilities, and capital. The ratio between the share price and the post tax earnings of company is called as price earnings ratio.

Accounting interview questions with answers

Capital expenditure is when you purchase an asset. It refers to the financing of high-risk ventures promoted by new qualified ntrepreneurs who require funds to give shape to their ideas. Fantastic articles is post by you in this blog. It is also called new issue market. For example, if a company takes a loan from a bank, it receives cash as an asset but at the same time, it creates a liability on a company.

In accounting, the trial balance is an accounting report that lists the balances in each of an organization's general ledger accounts. The cash not for any specific purpose free from any encumbrance like surplus cash. These fees are paid in a near time when the bonds are issued but it will not be expensed at that time. It is a statement reconciling the balance as shown by the bank pass book and balance shown by the cash book.

Basically, it is the amount that corresponds only to the period of time indicated in the heading of the income statement. There include legal accounting and share issue expenses incurred for formation of the enterprise.

It is the term introduced in the records for every defective or unsatisfactory good returned back to its supplier. Payback period represents the time period required for complete recovery of the initial investment in the project. Describe a situation in which you were successful. As the name implies, the dual aspect concept states that every transaction has two sides.

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It is typically calculated by deducting current liabilities from current assets. It explains how were the funds obtained and how were they used, whereas an income statement discloses the results of the business activities, i. Profits available for Equity shareholders. Call risk is associated with bonds have an embedded call option in them.

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Or decision making with regard to investment of money in longterm projects. It refers to the risk which the investor is exposed to as a result of adverse movements in the interest rates.

It is managed separately as well as shown independently in the balance sheet. This information is very required for new blog or newly working on Online Marketing. Join Digital Marketing training Certification Course. The date which is specified in the option contract is called expiration date.

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Proper preparation will definitely help you ace the interview. This ratio is explained ability of a company to make payment of principal amounts also on time. Inventory system of depreciation.

Drawings denotes the money withdrawn by the proprietor from the business for his personal use. Complete elimination of an asset, or under valuation of an asset.