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Has your rear leaf spring been modified? Roadmaster Active Suspension kits consist of two powerful variable rated coil tension springs, that when installed, convert passive leaf spring suspension into active suspension. Traction is increased because tires transfer torque to the ground efficiently. Essentially, increasing the current flow into the damper magnetic circuit increases the circuit magnetic flux. The hydraulic pressure is supplied by a high pressure radial piston hydraulic pump.

The S-shape twisting, and subsequent hop, is thereby greatly reduced. Sensors continually monitor body movement and vehicle ride level, constantly supplying the computer with new data. The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal. The Bose Corporation has a proof of concept model. An onboard computer detects body movement from sensors throughout the vehicle and, using that data, controls the action of the active and semi-active suspensions.

By not allowing the spring to flatten out, the vehicle corners more level with greater contact of all four tires to the road. Roadmaster Active Suspension improves and simplifies load carrying, preventing the vehicle rear from sagging under the weight of additional load. If we imagine the metal particles as dinner plates then whilst aligned so they are on edge - viscosity is minimised. Society Automotive Engineers International.

Every day, pickup truck and van owners are finding out why Roadmaster Active Suspension is the most complete suspension upgrade on the market. This type is the most economic and basic type of semi-active suspensions. Load Carrying Roadmaster Active Suspension improves and simplifies load carrying, rendering with pen and ink robert gill pdf free preventing the vehicle rear from sagging under the weight of additional load. Advanced driver assistance systems Automotive suspension technologies Mechanical power control.

Eliminates Axle Wrap Roadmaster Active Suspension effectively reduces axle wrap and wheel hop by absorbing the added force of increased torque. Almost instantly, the servo-regulated suspension generates counter forces to body lean, dive, and squat during driving maneuvers. The customer will be responsible for the return freight charges. The damper fluid contains metallic particles. Sensors continually monitor body movement and vehicle ride level, constantly supplying the hydraulic height correctors with new data.

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The kit comes fully assembled out of the box, with easy to follow instructions. The Most Unique Product on the Market. Memorial Day Weekend Savings! The bulk of the load weight will now be transferred to the rear axle.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When a vehicle is overloaded, the weight distribution shifts rearward, causing the rear to sag. Since the dynamic elements are only made up of the linear spring and the linear damper, no complicated calculations are necessary.

Roadmaster Active Suspension reduces body roll by supporting the leaf spring that is taking the increased load. Pick-Up Trucks See Product. This happens over and over until the truck gains better traction or the driver reduces torque input by letting off the throttle.

We want to accomodate your needs. This section possibly contains original research. Installation is simple taking less than an hour, with no drilling, cutting or welding and once installed requires no maintenance. Discuss and resolve this issue before removing this message. Thus making the fluid much more viscous.

Real customers share their own stories, in their own words. This will also affect the steering, making it more floaty and less responsive.

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Customers get all these advantages in just one product. As the computer receives and processes data, it operates the hydraulic servos, mounted beside each wheel. Once traction is lost, the springs snap back into their original positions.

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It allows, together with faster modern computers, changing the stiffness of all wheel suspensions independently. Improve Your Ride with Roadmaster. Active suspensions, the first to be introduced, use separate actuators which can exert an independent force on the suspension to improve the riding characteristics.

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The fast reaction of the system milliseconds allows, for instance, making a softer passing by a single wheel over a bump in the road at a particular instant in time. This nearly surmounts the issues of slow response times and high power consumption of hydraulic systems. It provides extremely fast response, and allows regeneration of power consumed, by using the motors as generators.

This section may lend undue weight to certain ideas, incidents, or controversies. Electromagnetic suspension. This affects the steering, making it more floaty and less responsive.

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When strain from a load or vehicle weight shift is applied the powerful Coil spring stabilizers come into action immediately absorbing the force of the load. If so, please let us know before you purchase a kit. Traction to the tires are now increased and torque is transferred to the ground efficiently.

Please help to create a more balanced presentation. In recent times, research in semi-active suspensions has continued to advance with respect to their capabilities, narrowing the gap between semi-active and fully active suspension systems. Find My Kit Application Guide. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This rotation forces the springs to bend into an S-shape.