2006 Vw Passat Repair Manual Pdf

Hold piston in front of caliper housing. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! This rubber mounting may only be installed in the control arm inner mounting.

Hold piston in front of brake caliper housing. Before using special tool it is important to grease spindle with Molybdenum grease. Welding and straightening work on steering components is not permitted. This reduces the fuel pump's intake consumption, and the fuel pump always has sufficient fuel at its availability. This has enabled the steering lock to be positioned in a crash- optimised area.

Volkswagen Passat Owners Manual 2006

This will be helpful when placing this cover back. To do this, the lever is pivoted around its fulcrum by turning the bolt. The two half shells are welded together after the fuel tank's internal breather system has been installed. For anti-theft coded radios, first make sure that the radio code is available.

When removing the brake drum make sure that the outer wheel bearing does not fall out. Splines must be free of oil and grease. Make sure plier jaws seat in grooves of clamp arrows -B- - Tension clamp by using torque wrench to turn spindle keep pliers at right angle to shaft. The rear axle and wheel bearings are identical on Base and Plus suspension versions. Its function is identical to the fuel tank fitted in front-wheel drive vehicles.


Hydraulic units supplied as replacement parts are already filled with hydraulic fluid and bled. Grease all mounting and contact surfaces with grease. Checking radial play - Press lower part of wheel outward and inward. First mark installation position.

Please enter a valid email address. Ensure that the jaws of the pliers seat in the -arrow -B- of the clamp.

Vw passat 2006 repair manual

Switch off ignition before disconnecting and connecting connectors. Your answer needs to include more details to help people. Make sure that the centering ring wiring connection is located in the recess in the trim panel. Counter-hold on guide pin. On Diesel engines an exhauster is installed to create the required vacuum.

Optionally, vehicles with diesel engines can be Due to its underhood location, no fuel additive is equipped with a state-of-the-art particulate filter required for soot combustion. Two mechanics are required when adjusting. On actuation of the brake pedal, the push rod in the brake master cylinder pushes the piston with magnetic ring permanent magnet.

Place parts on a clean surface and cover if not re-installing immediately. Position brake caliper as illustrated to pre-bleed. Adjusting wheel bearing play Page - Firmly depress brake pedal once, this adjusts the rear brakes. It continues to offer the economy traditional in the mid-size class. Removing - Fold up rear seat.

The Brake Pedal Position Sensor is only supplied as a repair kit. Power Transmission Power transmission The manual gearboxes - overview Gearboxes which are already in use within the Group are fitted as the mechanical, manual gearboxes. Here's the link Best Manuals. This results in finer adjustment in comparison with the predecessor's central adjustment rail. The brake pedal travel must not be restricted by additional floor coverings.

The gearboxes have merely been adapted for installation in the new Passat. Volkswagen Passat repair manual pdf. Like its predecessor, the new Passat will also be built in the Emden and Zwickau plants. Steering gears that are damaged by an accident must be replaced For a satisfactory and successful repair, the greatest care, tracheostomy nursing care pdf safety and proper tools are required.

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More Print this page Share this page. If it is difficult to turn the tap onto the thread or if metal swarf forms, this indicates the thread is deformed. Shoulder on outer mounting to outside, to inside on inner mounting to center of vehicle. Are you a Volkswagen Expert?

You could check eBay for a used one, you might get lucky and find one there. The cover is no longer required.

The auxiliary heater is installed in the front right wing below the headlight. Care is to be exercised to ensure the seal is not damaged when lifting the dust boot only use a blunt instrument, e. From cuff position to chamfer up to a groove visible. Camber must be adjusted each time joint is loosened.

If faulty, replace complete. These must be installed pointing forward, otherwise damage will occur to the suspension strut piston rod. Make sure that the blades of the pliers lie in the corners arrow -B- of the clamp. Pumps supplied as spare parts are not filled with oil.

Pull off protective foil and stick onto joint. Vibrations and noise emissions have been reduced by a balancer shaft module and new unit injectors with piezo-electric valves. When installing new circlip ensure opening is uppermost - installation position arrow. Brake master cylinders and brake servos from different manufacturers are installed.

Front brake thickness Pad thickness Rear brake caliper dia. Place a piece of wood in the recess to prevent damaging the piston. Heater And Air Conditioner The main difference is in air distribution flap actuation.

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Not finding what you are looking for? Only adjust toe on right-hand tie rod. Thoroughly clean connections and immediate vicinity before loosening. Cut-off valve on gauge open.

Passat repair manual

If complaints are received determine cause with the help of pressure and leakage tests. Chamfer on inner diameter of ball hub splines must face the contact shoulder on the drive shaft. Pumps supplied as spare parts are not filled with hydraulic oil. The wheel bearing is secured by a point nut. Due to the self-adjusting rear brakes there is no requirement to adjust the parking brake.