2001 Porsche Boxster Owners Manual Pdf

Fire Extinguisher Note f Pay attention to the final control date on the fire extinguisher. Adjusting Headlights Adjusting Headlights For checking the headlight adjustment, the verti- Lateral adjustment of the headlights should be cal position of the cutoff of the lowbeam see fig. The individual air distributions can be combined as The air conditioning compressor switches off desired.

Risk of damage to the door mirrors when washing the vehicle in a car wash. The battery is located in the front luggage com- partment under a black plastic lid. Only use Porsche loading, either separately or in combination, can ance.

Press the lower edge of the appropriate opening. The headlight locking device must perceptibly and audibly engage. The tire selection has only been successfully opportunity. Pull the safety belt retractor completely out. Air distribution to central and side vents.

Risk of injury during manual retraction or extension of the spoiler with the vehicle stationary. Wheel Bolts The wrench socket for the wheel securing bolts is f Replace damaged wheel bolts. When the driver backs up, the parking assistant system indicates the distance between the car Caution!

Open rear pivot locks swivel inwards. The available items in the tire pressure menu f Select arrow Back and push the operating depend on the equipment of your vehicle.

Note on operation f Always use the HomeLink opener in the Risk of accident when using the HomeLink if direction of travel. Page Emergency operation Warning!

Selecting from the telephone book and f Select a person to call and push the operating You can recall phone calls, e. Risk of injury by the glove compartment lid in case of an accident.

Mounted amidships, it's rated at hp and pound-feet of torque. Headlights Headlights Caution! Battery Avoid frequent operation of the convertible top f Disconnect the negative terminal on the bat- ly with soap and water. Multi-functional Steering Wheel Depending on the equipment in your vehicle, you upward or downward. If the fire extinguisher is used after its expira- tion date has elapsed, it may not operate properly.

The heater can be switched back on by pressing the button again. Starting Procedures Starting Procedures Starting the engine prolonged periods with the engine on and the car not moving. Risk of short circuit and explosion, resulting in serious personal injury or death.

2001 Porsche Boxster Owners ManualPorsche Boxster manual

The current approval status is also available from Risk of damage from overflowing engine oil. When ready for use, the lighter will snap back. The display changes to the tire pressure menu. Important Note If the vehicle battery is discharged, the front lug- gage compartment lid can be opened only by con- necting an external electrical power source. Page Danger of damage at the convertible top.


They will advise you about the necessary message lights up. Reduced engine power Consult your authorized Porsche dealer. Wiper Blades We recommend that you get your authorized f Replace the wiper blades twice per year be- shield. Danger of crushing or pinching. We recommend Porsche cleaner for alloy rims.

Insert ignition key fully into ignition lock. Failure A failure of the oil level display is indicated by a warning message on the on-board computer. Page Removing the battery The required tool is in the tool kit.

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Engine exhaust fumes have many compo- nents which you can smell. Before Driving Off A lot has gone into the manufacture of your that restraints are properly adjusted. You will not be able to f Close convertible top with the convertible top standard equipment in your Porsche.

Two car keys are supplied with your Porsche. Have the vehicle towed to an authorized Porsche dealer. Page If you notice that tires are wearing unevenly, a472j resistor pdf con- If one faulty tire is replaced it should be noted that f Do not use abrasive cleaners when washing sult your Porsche dealer. Porsche Boxster Technical Manual pages.

Porsche Boxster Owner s Manual

In addition, your convertible top should convertible-top care product. Automatic Speed Control Indicator Light Instrument Illumination The illumination is automatically adjusted to the ambient brightness by the light sensor in the tachometer. Press red locking button of the front locking lever arrow A. You can set the starting time for a measurement before or during the trip.

Page Sealing the tire with tire sealant is only an However, you must still adjust the tire pressure on emergency repair, so you can drive to the next the wheel. Page f Never let air out of hot tires.

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On The Road f When parked, always set the parking brake. Fuel is highly flammable and harmful to health.

Car owners manuals Car insurance Car tips'n'tricks. In addition, when the car lights are switched on, the instrument and switch symbol brightness can be manually adjusted.